News Memo commission decides to record Mansoor Ijaz's statement via video link

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Mar 5, 2010
ISLAMABAD: The judicial commission constituted by the Supreme Court (SC) to probe memogate scandal resumed the hearing in Islamabad High Court today and decided to record Mansoor Ijaz’s statement via video link, Geo News reported.

The commission is chaired by Chief Justice of Baluchistan High Court Qazi Faiz Isa while other two members are Chief Justice of Sindh High Court Musheer Alam and Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman.

During today’s proceedings, the memo commission decided that Ijaz’s statement would be recorded through video link and issued orders for its implementation. The statement would be recorded in London while the date would be decided later.

The commission instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make necessary arrangements.

Barrister Zafarullah, while presenting his arguments, said that Mansoor Ijaz is an absconder in the US Supreme Court as well and that he would not appear even in the Pakistani High Commission in London to record his statement as it is also falls under the jurisdiction of Pakistan.

While giving arguments, Husain Haqqani’s lawyer Zahir Bukhari also told the court that Mansoor Ijaz is an absconder of an American court and that is why he is asking the commission to record his statement elsewhere. On this, Justice Isa told Bukhari that he would be heard completely on this issue once he gets the evidences of such accusations.

Mansoor Ijaz’s counsel Akram Sheikh told that the commission could record his client’s statement in London as he cannot come to Pakistan due to security reasons. On this, Barrister Zafarullah remarked that his statement should be recorded in the US.

During the break, petitioner in the memogate scandal Barrister Zafarullah and Akran Sheikh exchanged harsh words with each other on the issue of recording Ijaz’s statement abroad.