News Memo Commission summons Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir

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Mar 5, 2010
ISLAMABAD: The judicial commission constituted by the Supreme Court (SC) to probe memogate scandal resumed the hearing in Islamabad High Court today where the commission has summoned Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir on urgent basis, Geo News reported Thursday.

The commission asked Attorney General Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq that if the letter written to Research in Motion (RIM) seeking BlackBerry record was returned on January 23, then why the commission was not informed about it. Consequently, the commission summoned Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir over the issue.

Justice Faiz Isa said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is creating hurdles in the working of the commission and a contempt notice may be served on the secretary if he failed not appear.

Earlier, the main character in the memo issue, Mansoor Ijaz offered to record his statement in Pakistan High Commission in London.

During today’s proceedings, Ijaz’s counsel Akram Sheikh told the three-member commission that his client would not appear before the court in Pakistan due to security problems.

Sheikh said that Ijaz had agreed to be deposed by the commission of his own accord and that the commission does not have the right to summon Ijaz. However, the statement can be recorded only in London or Zurich, and not even in Dubai.

Justice Faiz Isa remarked that after all the security assurances, your client is now taking a U-turn.

The commission had summoned Mansoor Ijaz to appear before the commission on 9 February.

The commission chairman, Chief Justice of Baluchistan High Court Qazi Faiz Isa was presiding over the meeting while other two members are Chief Justice of Sindh High Court Musheer Alam and Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman.