Moisture and the Science of Beautiful Hair.

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Mar 15, 2007
[FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]Moisture and the Science of Beautiful Hair. Did you know how essential moisture is to soft, shiny, beautiful hair? To look and feel its best, hair needs to retain its optimal level of moisture. Your hair's natural composition and all the things you do to it (like heat styling, colour-treating, environmental factors, etc.) will inevitably cause varying degrees of moisture loss. That's what leaves your hair dull, dry and brittle.
This is your hair fibre:

Your hair fibre is made up of:
Cuticle – An outside surface made up of flat, overlapping cells that are susceptible to moisture damage.
Cortex – An inner layer protected by the cuticles, the cortex retains moisture.
Medulla – The central core of your hair fibre.
These parts are composed of:
Water – fundamental to healthy looking, healthy feeling hair
Protein – main source of strength
Lipids – provides natural protection
Pigment –natural colour/shade of hair

When your hair's optimal moisture level drops, the hair fibre becomes dry and damaged. You need the right level of moisturization – critical to treat symptoms of damage that range from dull and rough hair to split ends and flyaways.
How your hair gets damaged:
Everyday wear and tear – brushing, blow-drying, heat styling
The tools you use – brushing, combing, blow-drying
Chemicals – UV rays, outdoor elements, wind
How can you tell if your hair cuticle is healthy?
• A healthy, properly moisturized cuticle lays flat over hair core for: shiny, smooth hair with more manageability and body, and is less apt to tangle.
• A dry and damaged cuticle has a raised, scaly appearance. It becomes porous, with a dull and rough appearance, resulting in breakage such as split ends and flyaways.

So friends for healthy locks start drinking maximum loads of water, have a healthy diet, excercise regularly and keep your hair and scalp clean but dont forget to condition your hair too, that is how you shall be able to retain moisture in your hair.
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