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Mar 15, 2007
Toronto, Ca
I've added a fun little section to the forums called vbplaza where you can spend the points you now earn by posting on gifts for members, awareness ribbons and changes to the display of your profile.

There is a link in the navigation bar for VbPlaza with a drop down menu of options:
  • vbPlaza Main - shows all purchasing options
  • Lottery - use points to enter a daily and weekly lottery drawing to win more points
  • Give Gifts - send egifts to other members which appear in their profile and posts
  • Bank - put points in the bank and earn 2% interest per day
  • Donate - donate points to another member
  • Richest Users -shows the members with the most points
  • History - shows the purchase history
  • Most Sold - most popular items sold
On the VbPlaza Main Page are all the options above, plus the following:
  • Points Options - put points in the bank, make points donations to other members, buy a lottery ticket
  • Username Options - buy styling for your screen name like bold, italics and colors
  • User Title Options - buy styling for your title like bold, italics and colors
  • Misc. Options - give gifts and buy awareness ribbons for your profile and posts
If you have any questions, please post here and enjoy!!

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