Mubasher Lucman Got A Real Surprise, Or Was It A Shock?

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Sep 28, 2012
Mubasher Lucman announced on ‘Khara Sach’ (Jan 6, 2014) that he had a surprise for his ‘favourite’ personality. But ironically Fate had a surprise in store for him, more of that later.

After a lot of mystery, Lucman revealed that the surprise was his book, titled ‘Khara Sach’, available from Jan 11, 2014 for Rs.500. He announced that the book would be available in Pakistan as well as Dubai, UK and USA.

Mubasher Lucman may have written a book which he seems to believe is going to become a best-seller domestically and internationally but he doesn’t seem to be aware of reality. Reality is: if you spread lies about others, reality usually comes back to bite you. And reality has caught up with Mubasher Lucman and bitten him bad.

Months of maligning respectable people in our society have finally caught up with Mubasher Lucman and now he and the channel he works for will have to pay the price.

Lucman seemed to have started to believe that he had become a force to reckon with. But sometimes luck gives way and people like Lucman get stuck in the trap they lay for others. And on Jan 6, Lucman put his foot in his mouth and came up against a force to reckon with – the MQM – and now he is in trouble.

Lucman got a real surprise, or was it a shock, when MQM reacted against the words he had uttered against the party on Khara Sach, Jan 6’s episode.

Lucman’s words started a domino effect, and the MQM announced a protest outside ARY’s office on Tuesday, Jan 7’s evening. By late evening the channel was taken off the air in many areas of Karachi.

Yes, Mubasher Lucman, you can’t mess around with everyone and get away with it all the time.

However, for many months people were predicting the downfall of Mubasher Lucman because he was breaking every rule of the civilized media.

ARY should have seen this coming: bad luck always follows Mubasher Lucman wherever he works. He never seems to be able to keep a job for too long. He gets overconfident and then not only does he pay the price, but the channel he works for also ends up paying the price.

The other important thing is to see whether ARY’s management makes a good business decision by sacking Mubasher Lucman. Lucman is not a good business product - he is only making the channel look like an instrument that spreads vicious gossip about respectable people - since he has lost his novelty, it is time to replace him.

Now it remains to be seen whether Mubasher Lucman is going to apologize to MQM and/or be removed from the channel or both.