My heart....

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Mar 15, 2007
My heart cannot comprehend where I am
Or where I think I am
I ask to myself and then the answer comes so clear
The shining stars remind me of the rain that doesn't fall
Like the stars I watch the tiniest particle of our home without doors
where the wind trespasses our soul and tries to take it away with it.
What sort of home did we built?
sacred blood? sacred hate?
How could this be?
Looking down, forgetting the stars, there is a big well
where the eyes are searching for what is pure
to feed the empty souls to then make it disappear again
being hungrier
thirst that never ends.

I long for my heart then
but not alone
I hear the murmurs weeping and flowing upwards
melting with the moon
melting with the stars
Again the hearts convey to talk
and see
what others don't want to let us see
The Immensity of Love
that we could give
to stop the imbalance of our precious nature
taken away, so far....
that at times we feel we are gone forever from it.
Our hands can stop a grenade to fall down
but our Love can stop the well to continue pulling us down
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