Natural Herbal Lip Care remedies

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Jan 28, 2010
Natural Herbal Lip Care remedies

Herbal Lip Care Tips for natural look

  • Application of either cold cream or lip lotion or moisturizer is essential before applying lipstick.
  • Application of beet root is excellent before bed for making your lips natural pink.
  • Application of powdered rose petals makes lips smooth pink.
  • Neutral lip color should be used for thinner lips.
  • Various shades of lip color can be obtained by combining 2 or 3 lipstick colors and using them as a fresh lip color.
  • Original red color should not be used in case of rough, ruddy or irritated face till you get usual skin. Your skin will be noticed more due to red color.
  • Your lips seem fuller due to paler shades.
  • Soft brushing of lips with an old brush moistened in menthol based lip balm can cure chapped lips. Excessive massage is not required on sensitive lips.