never love someone who will never be yours :(


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Jun 3, 2007
Within the evenings I used to get bored and with nothing else to do I began to go onto the phone chat. I began to talk to some guy and he gave me his number. i began talking to him and texting him. he was so nice. You know the kind of guy that gives you answers you expect. We used to talk about everything and anything. He was my world. My ‘jaan’. Best of all he was not dirty or rude he was a really decent guy. I loved him to pieces He told me that he would get a tattoo on his arm to show the world that he belonged to me that he was mine. I saw his picture when he sent it he was gorgus. Each time I heard his voice I just got butterflies in my stomach. Before the feelings, I never even believed that love existed I believed it was fake and just elaborated on by the media. Anyway time went on and he asked me if I had ever been kissed. I replied no. he told me that the day that he met me he would tell me he loves me and then tell me to close my eyes and give me the most passionate kiss. Even now the words just touch my heart. He sent me text messages saying that I was one of a kind which were so sweet and I just loved his personality I didn’t really care about what he looked like because he had the best personality that anybody could have. just out of interest one day talking generally I asked what he would do if I ever liked his mate more than him. He replied that he would let me go because he wants me to be happy more than anything in this world. I thought it a reasonable answer. I carried on speaking to him however I got caught talking to him about 2 in the morning and with my fone being undercover it got taken off me. I found it difficult to communicate with him. On the odd occasion I borrowed my friends fone but how long would that last. I asked him the once ‘do you think its right for us to speak’ he said that its up to you but I said the same back to him. He said ‘fine’ obviously meaning no. I also replied fine. I couldn’t take it I couldn’t bear not speaking to him so on numerous occasions I foned him just to ask if he was ok but stayed as a anonymous caller. He sometimes knew it was me but wouldn’t say anything he just went with the flow. on valentines day last year I foned him and he asked me to get back with him but I said no. how could I it just wasn’t possible how would we meet if we find it difficult to just speak and say hi. He always said that he was mine and I was his no matter what happened. He said that I belonged to him and if I became anyone else’s then he would kill me. That is because if he couldn’t have me no one else could. Then a month later I realise that behind my back he speaks to my friend. I saw the text. I couldn’t believe it!!! How could he!! I don’t know how that could have ever been possible unless she made the first move which I believe. When he realised that I had found out he wouldn’t speak to me get in contact with me or anything. So I got angry because this was the guy I would have done anything for. If he had ever asked me to jump off a cliff for him I would have done it. I would have done just about anything for him. Then I thought back to what he said to me if I liked his friend more than him. I decided to let things go. But loving him so much I couldn’t take it especially with her being so close to me. So I became her better than best friend. Forgive and forget and all that. The thing was that what was so special about her. She was thick ok she might have been better looking and that was ‘might’ but at least I had some self respect she had guys here there and everywhere and I had proof but each time I told him he wouldn’t believe me he even confronted her the once and she lied to him and he believed her. He was the one person in this world that I have never lied to but I believe that the first time we spoke he began with lies. Thing was I never forgave or forgot eit her of them. I was hurt the most when my friend and him went out together and he was a minute away from me and he never even came to say hi as a friend. Why was I that bad? He ripped out My heart right from the roots and I promise myself I will never love anybody ever again. Was I not even worth 1 minute of his time? To be fair I even went to look for him that day when I found out that he had come and even then I couldn’t find him. I love him even today but I don’t want him back I would rather die. Love you cant help but u can help who comes near you. One thing I have to say is that what if the guy don’t want to know you.always remember that when you want someone else there is someone close you that wants you.



Aug 1, 2008
lekin ye bhi to ho sekta hai k us larkay ko kuch ghalat peta chala ho or isi liay u nay aisay kia
i am very curious becuse its a fact but aal the guys are not same? what is your openion?


Jan 26, 2009
Chicago, IL
:) meri pyari bhen... im sure you have heard of the saying.. panchon ungliyan barabar nahi hotieen.. aur sahi bataon toh agar woh tumse pyar kerta tha toh itni asaani se tumhe nahi chor deta.. so just snap out of it and move on. if there was actual love there.. he would have tried his best to stay with you and plus he wouldnt go around talking to your friend.

find someone better... someone real.. aur koi kahay ke woh pyar kerta hai toh bolo apne amma aba ko ghar pe leke ao agar pyar kerte ho toh =] jo ayega woh kerta hai.. nahi toh nahi sahi..

keep ur head up