new emoji stickers for Whatsapp

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Jun 28, 2021
Emoji sticker is the app where you can easily search for all those emojis which we can use on regular basis like Laughing ,sad ,fire ,Crying ,smile emoji ,happy face , Hug ,love emoji, high five, face emoji, kiss , emoji heart, salute emoji, zzz emoji, funny emoji, anime emoji, big emoji, crossed fingers, texting symbols and many more.

This app is for whatsapp contains best free emojis for iphone, ipad in android for free!! This free Emoji app is full of new emojis for iphone , free emoji for ipad and face emoji with amazing new variations that can be used in your whatsapp chit chat with friends and family.

Features :
Memoji can be added to WhatsApp
collection of stickers
large sticker packs
fun and full of emotions
100+ new emojis
seperate collection of iphone and android.

The unique feature for our app is that you can select free glasses , frames hearts and memoji not only for iphone but also you can enjoy emoji stickers of android all in one place.