Nokia N95 - Power - Music - Style


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Mar 15, 2007
Nokia N95 - Power - Music - Style
With the release of the Nokia N series devices, the company has brought mobile multimedia to a new height. With cutting-edge technology and high-tech design, N series devices live up to everyone's expectations in the mobile world. In the new age mobile world, the so called hybrid phone are getting popularity and have given a new meaning to the consumers all over the globe. In the N series portfolio, the Nokia N95 is a new stuff that has been added very recently. This multi-purpose device with business, media and other advanced features always keeps you entertained on the move. With the launch of the Nokia N95, the company has once again proved its presence on the global mobile phone market.

Nokia N95- Outperform in Style
The latest sensation from Nokia is its N-Series range of products. The heavily loaded N95 is becoming the talk of the town nowadays. We will try to get a glimpse of its features below. The Nokia N95 is an extremely sophisticated 3G phone with a clever two way slider opening mechanism.

When the Nokia N95 Clashed With the Nokia N97
Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has enjoyed a firm hold on the communications industry ever since it made a formidable impact with a line of highly revolutionary phones. Showcasing its expertise in almost every kind of category available, Nokia has immortalised its name in the chronicles of mobile phone greats.