News Notice issued to Kasuri in Bhutto reference case

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Mar 5, 2010
The CJP Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry regarded Bhutto trial as not good.

The reference case was heard by 11-member bench. The court after consulting advisors issued a notice to Ahmed Raza Kasuri. The court also directed him to present the record of the case. The chief justice said the court has to give its opinion in accordance with Article 186 of the Constitution.

Babar Awan said the president has just asked the court to give its opinion instead of relief. He quoted Z A Bhutto who termed it murder of the trial instead of a trial of murder.

Awan further said prosecutor in Bhutto case Farooq Bedar wanted to give a statement on oath but the court did not allow him.

The CJP asked what would be the impact if the court termed the trial illegal under Article 4 of the Constitution.
The haring of the case was put off to January 2, 2012.