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Mar 5, 2010
All affairs of PNWA are managed by an executive committee. The president of the Committee is the wife of the Chief of the Naval Staff. For administrative convenience PNWA has been grouped into PNWA Karachi and PNWA Islamabad. Wife of Chief of Naval Staff acts as VP Islamabad whereas wife of Commander Karachi acts a VP Karachi


She is responsible to the president for the following.

a) Directives laid down for administration of PNWA affairs are properly implemented and followed.

b) Keep abreast with all the activities of the association.

c) Provide guidance to the other office bearers in performance of their duties, whenever required.

d) Maintain a check on the financial matters of the Association and give decisions on proposed expenditures.

e) Periodically, chair the meetings of the Executive committee to deliberate upon and approve new policies/projects and review those which are already in vogue.

f) Nominate Suitable Office Bearers of PNWA to serve in the best interest of the Association.


The Secretary PNWA (Karachi) is nominated by the president and Vice President. She will perform following duties:

a) To organize/co-ordinate monthly meeting of Executive council in consultation with Vice President.

b) Obtain, prepare and circulate agenda points to the members of council prior to the meeting.

c) To correspond with the external authorities on behalf of the President and initiate letters for obtaining donations.

d) To prepare annual reports on the activities of the Association in co-ordination with other office bearers.

e) Presentation of Annual reports for the activities of preceding year.

f) Arranging visits, surprise rounds of president/Vice President for effective monitoring of Administration of under construction projects.

g) Issue instruction/orders for implementation of policy decisions from President, vice president or Executive council of PNWA

h) To initiate correspondence/proposals for augmentation of PNWA activities.

i) Keeping liaison with President/vice president/Executive council for enhanced coordination among various tiers of PNWA.

j) Issue instructions for inquiries if any and monitoring discipline of various training units of PNWA.


The treasurer is responsible for the following:

a) Supervision of finances of the Association

b) To operate the PNWA bank account alongwith the vice president

c) To receive and collect donations, grants in aid, subscriptions, dues and other payments on behalf of the Association and to issue proper receipts.

d) To keep petty cash for day to day expenditures but not in excess of the amount fixed by the president

e) Arranging quarterly audited of the PNWA accounts.

f) Rendering audit/sale graph reports to NHQs.

g) Monitoring the on going projects of PNWA.


Following are the authorized expenditures from PNWA accounts.

a) Financial Assistance.

b) Dowry Grants.

c) Gas/water/electricity bills.

d) Monthly payments to staff/teachers.

e) Purchase of material for fabrication of items at industrial homes.

f) Maintenance of equipment like computers,type writers, sewing machines etc of industrial homes/computer centers.

g) Stationery items used by PNWA.

h) Bills for refreshments arranged for PNWA meetings/parties

i) Relief packages during Ramazan and Eid.

j) Shop rents

k) Any other expenditure on PNWA activity specially authorized by the President/Executive committee of the PNWA. In case, any special expenditure incurred on one time basis is found to be of recurring nature, it should be treated as authorized expenditure with the express approval of the PNWA Executive Committee.


The brief working methodology of PNWA is enumerated below

a) Industrial homes Industrial homes play a vital role in execution of main objective/task of PNWA. It acts as a toll in inculcating various skills among students. In addition they also provide finished goods for Gift Shops managed by PNWA. Industrial homes working under vice president at Karachi are as under.


The gift shops are the out lets used as a sale points for the finished products prepared by the PNWA at Karachi are as under;


In present era of information Technology Computer literacy can not be over emphasized. PNWA Karachi is endeavouring hard to provide basic computer knowledge to wards of PN personnel. The computer centers working in affiliation with PNWA Karachi chapter are as follows:

Vice president



The present globalization has opened new euphoria for women/girls to learn about their beautification methods. PNWA has also catered the requirements through a chain of beauty parlours. The major out lets of PNWA beauty parlours are appended below:


Name of A/c Balance on 31 May 2005 Control by Sign by

PNWA Main A/c Rs.1,944,918/18 Lt. Cdr Saif Secy / VP

PNWA Gift Shop Rs. 701,755/50 -“- -“-

NOTE: The PNWA Account has been audited up to 31 March 2005 by the audit committee appointed by HQs COMKAR.


1) PNWA sale Mela.

2) Annual Efficiency Award.

3) Publication of PNWA Magazine.

4) Monthly PNWA Executive Council Meeting

5) DARS at SRE’S Community Halls.


The major activities, projects and training visits conducted during 2004-05 are discussed as under:

a) Structural Projects of 2004-05 The PNWA under the dynamic leadership of Begum Nasreen Shahid Karim Ullah had under gone multifaceted structural changes in every field during 2004-05. A brief summary of various events of PNWA are enumerated below for quick appraisal:

(1) Construction of Special Children School.

(2) Establishment of Academic Centre at NORE-1.

(3) Establishment of Baby Day Care Centre at NORE-1.

(4) Construction of Beauty Parlour/Gift shop Navy Heights.

(5) Construction of Beauty Parlour at NORE-1.

(6) Renovation/Construction of industrial Home Sabir SRE.

(7) Establishment of English Language lab in SABIR SRE School.

(8) Construction of Gift Shop NOORE-1.

(9) Construction of Beauty Parlour at Majeed SRE.

(10) Inauguration of ZOO and Amusement area NOORE-1.

(11) Installation of Jakkurd Khaddi at Industrial Home Majeed SRE.

(12) Establishment of Canteen at NORE-1

b) WALK ROUNDS/EVALUATION VISITS. The President PNWA has always emphasized for quality training to the children of Officers/CPOs/Sailors. Keeping in view the direction Vice President visited all institution under PN arrangements for evaluating the performance of these institutions. The Summary of visits is appended:

(1) Vice President PNWA (k) Visit – PNWA Industrial Homes/Computer Centres and Gifts Shops at Karachi.

(2) Arranging President PNWA visit of PNET/PN Model Schools at Karachi.

(3) President PNWA visits of Industrial Hone NORE-1, Sabir SRE etc.

(4) Vice President PNWA (k) visits Special Children School PNS KARSAZ.

(5) Vice President PNWA (K) Visits Bahria College NORE-1, 1V.

(6) Vice President PNWA (K) Visits Sub-E-Nou School NORE-1, 1V.

(7) Vice President PNWA (K) Visits to PNET School/PN Model Schools.

(8) Vice President PNWA (K) Visit to Science & Art Exhibition, sports day function, graduation ceremonies held at Bahria Colleges (NORE-1 & NORE-1V).

C. PNWA EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. The enlighten moderation is the pre-requesite for the developing societies. In order to inculcate etiquette and mannerism in PN Community, PNWA has been organizing various extra circular activities for them. The major activities conducted during the period are placed below:

Conduct of Millad-2004.

2) Conduct of Annual Efficiency Awards 2004 & 2005.

3) Provision of draft PNWA Annual Magazine.

4) Conduct of Polio Campaign 2005 at Family Welfare Centre KARSAZ.

5) Certificate Award Ceremony-Industrial Home Sabir SRE.

6) Certificate Award ceremony –industrial home Majeed SRE.

7) Lecture on Make Over/Skin Care arranged by PNWA.

8) Coffee party in the honour Lady Rosemary West.

9) Cultural show and coffee party in the honour of Lady Ozden ornek wife of Commander Turkish Naval Force.

10) Cultural shows/verity programe for Madame Francisco wife of Chief of Naval Staff Portuguese Navy.

11) Working lunch/cultural show in the honour of wives of NDC students.

12) PNWA gets together for all out going members.

13) Conduct of Dars in SREs on monthly basis.

14) Preparation of Website for PNWA.


PNWA is a welfare organization working for the poor segment of PN society. During 2004-05 it has continued rendering selfless support to humanity. The salient financial assistance rendered during 2004-05 is as under:

(1) Reviewal of Pay Scales for low paid PNWA Employees.

(2) Provision of Dowry Grant to CPOs/Sailors and Civillans.

(3) Distribution of uniform to poor students of Sub-e-Nou School NORE-1.

(4) Distribution of Eid Packages to all MLR CPOs/Sailors at Karachi.

(5) Relief Package for Pasni Victims.

(6) Donation for Tsunami disaster.

(7) Provision of Food Packages to the families of PNS MOAWIN effecties.

(8) Donations for the construction of Special Children School PNS KARSAZ