City Peshawar

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Mar 5, 2010

The Capital and the largest city of the North West Frontier Province (N.W.F.P), Peshawar, has enjoyed tremendous historical, Military and political importance because of the Khyber Pass which has been a vintage point as a gateway for invaders of the sub-continent.

Peshawar derives its name from a Sanskrit word 'Pushpapura', meaning the city of flowers. Peshawar's flowers were even mentioned in Mughal Emperor Babur's memoirs.

Area and Population

It has an area of 1257 sq. km and a population of about 950,000 souls. The N.W.F.P capital is divided into three sections, the old city, cantonment and a modern residential area.


Peshawar Bab-al-Khyber

Quick Facts

About 1 Million
1257 Sq. Km
No. of Sub-Areas

Its climate and weather conditions are regraded as the Pakistan's healthiest climate. With average temperatures of 30-35 C, Peshawar is one the popular tourist attraction site around the year.


On the road to the Khyber, there is a long line of educational and research institutions, such as the Academy of Rural Development, the Teachers Training College, the North Regional Laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and many others.

But the pride of Peshawar today is its University of Peshawar, a vast sprawling garden town of red brick buildings and velvet lawns, which comprises a dozen departments and Colleges of Law, Medicine, Engineering and Forestry. Special mention must be made of the Islamia College, which was the pioneer national Institution that ignited the torch of enlightenment in this region, 67 years ago.


Peshawar specialty is the Chappli Kabab (a spicy beef burger mixed with tomato, corn flour, green chilies and eggs) served on naan (unleaved bread) which acts as edible plate.

Khyber Pass

The Northern Gateways

Khyber Pass
Khanjarab Pass
Mehran Pass

Qehwa Khana, a traditional teashop, is totally heaven for the weary travelers for providing relief. One definitely come across the Qehwa Khana on longer routes or inside the Peshawar city.

The style, the decor, the hookas (smoking pipes), and brass samovars with colorful China teapots and small bowls of matching colors would be same at all Qehwa Khana. The tea is served steaming hot, without milk, as it is not the usual black type but has leaves of bottle green color which gives it its name green tea.

Places of Attraction

The Peshawar "Saddar" (Cantonment) is a spaciously laid out neat and clean township with avenues of tall trees, wide tarred roads, large single-storied houses with lawns and a pervading scent of rare shrubs and flowers that is Peshawar's own.

The heart of the Saddar is the Khalid bin Walid Garden which is an old Mughal Garden. Its huge ancient trees and gorgeous big roses are a sight to remember. Two other splendid old gardens are the Shahi Garden in the north-east and the Wazir Garden in the south-east, all of which give the character of a garden city to Peshawar.

In the Saddar is the splendid modern State Bank building, Governor's House, hotels, old missionary Edwards College, a richly stocked Museum and a fine shopping area.