News Pir Pagara Died in London

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Mar 5, 2010
Pagara, veteran politician and spiritual leader of the ‘Hur’ community, has passed away due to liver infection and he was 83.
Pagara, also the chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F), died at a London hospital on Tuesday night at 11:30 Pakistani Time.
He left one widow and 4 sons, his death news spread all over the world and also in karachi after that many politicians came for the condolence of his death.
Pagara was flown to London in a special air plane with medical equipment onboard for treatment of his infected lungs. He was accompanied by his wife, son and PML-F president Sadruddin Rashdi, and chief Khalifa of the ‘Hur’ community Qadir Bux Mangrio.