planet Earth

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Mar 5, 2010
Planet Earth
is just one of the nine planets in the family of Sun, called the solar system. If you start counting away from the Sun, the planet Earth comes third in distance. At one stage of its infancy, Planet Earth was in a very

hot and semi gaseous state. And it looked like the huge red-ball-like Sun we see just over the east and west horizons. It took millions of years for that red hot Earth to cool down and solidify. Even then, it lied barren for yet another hundreds, or may be, thousands of million years. And,

like all other planets it too has undergone many changes before reaching the present stage.
Today, if you approach the Earth from outer space it appears to wear a fade greenish blue color.
This is absolutely uncommon. For, no other planet in the solar system wears this color - the color of life.

Otherwise. it acts the same way as do the other planets. It moves round the Sun along a certain path, called orbit, like its fellow planets. Yet, despite all these common features compared to other planets, it is altogether different! Hence it is regarded as the unique body in our solar system.

Why so unique?

It is the ingredients, or, the stuff with which the earth is made up of. For instance,
the sky that displays such a variety of colors. Or, the greenish blue stretches that marks the wonderful waterworld - the oceans and seas, rivers and streams, lakes and reservoirs.

And, the atmosphere with plenty of oxygen that makes us possible to breathe and live on along with other forms of life. Or, the vital greeneries that are dotted with such a variety of flowers.

And, certainly, the amazing variety of insects and animals that make the world celebrate the buzz of life. To top all, there is man that makes the planet so distinctively intelligent.

Strange, though, none of these are found in any of our fellow planets. And not only in the solar system.
But also in no other star's family, or stellar system, known till date.

Now let us look a little closer look at all these.