Pm Imran Vows To Rectify Past Mistakes For Prosperous Pakistan

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Aug 11, 2017
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday vowed to rectify mistakes made in the past to ensure prosperity in Pakistan.

“We want to correct all that has been done in the past,” the premier said while addressing the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) in Islamabad.

“In the past, the governments did not contemplate raising businesses and exports,” PM Imran said. “We received a huge trade deficit from the previous government, which we are struggling to reduce.”
‘Wealth creation’ imperative to alleviate poverty: PM

He stressed, “we need to change our mindsets; a change in the thought process is imperative for a better future.” Success, he maintained, can only be achieved by learning from one’s mistakes.

Last week, while addressing the Pakistan Economic Forum in the federal capital, the premier termed creation of wealth imperative for alleviating poverty from the country, saying businesses must prosper to achieve this objective.

He said as a nation “we need to dispel the notion that creation of wealth is wrong; it can, in fact, help eliminate the scourge of poverty.”