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Aug 11, 2017
Polish is an official language of Poland. Basically it is West Slavic language. It is 3rd mostly spoken Slavic language after Ukrainian and Russian. It is usually spoken in Poland, Belarus, Argentina, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, Latvia, Vietnam, UK, USA, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Romania, Ireland, Czech Republic and Germany. It has almost 40 million speakers all over the world.
Polish has different dialects like Greater Polish dialect it has also sub dialects like Krajna dialect, Tuchola dialect, Kociewie dialect, Chelmno-Dobrzyn dialect, Cuyavian dialect and Chojno dialect. Then Mazovian dialect its sub dialects are Podlasie-Suwalki dialect, Warmia dialect, Kurpie dialect, Masurian dialect, Malbork-Lubawa dialect and Ostr�da dialect. Then Lesser Polish dialect its sub groups are Lowicz dialect, Sieradz-Leczyca dialect, Holy Cross Mountains dialects, Greb�w dialect, Orawa dialect, Spisz dialect, and Podhale dialect. Northern Kresy dialect is also very important dialect of Polish, its sub groups are Bialystok dialect, Wilno dialect, and Suwalki dialect. Southern Kresy dialect sub dialects are Lw�w dialect.