Poorest Countries In The World

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Jun 9, 2012
Poorest Countries in the World

Almost Every one Know about African Countries. most of African countries have been damage a lot by civil wars, violence, corruption and Illiteracy,Unstable Governments that causes of these countries are away from development.These Countries people are living very unhealthy and a brutal life, They have no proper Primary needs are like Food,Shelter,Education,Health.

IMF( international Monetary Fund) Measure Poorest Countries in the world As per Country People Living conditions,Domestic Products per Capita.This is Called GDP.in this top 10 poorest countries Republic Congo is ranked topped. Watch Below list of top10 poor countries in the world.
Highlights of these Article
  • Congo is a Poorest country in the world
  • Sierra Leone is Called Land of Diamond
  • Which country lowest life expectancy in the world ?
    Ans:Sierra Leone
1.Congo, Africa
GDP per capita $355
Congo is an African Country According to IMF and World Bank this country is a World most poor country with least GDP per capita is $355.this is very bad impact to these country peoples away from primary needs. Congo is now Facing challenges with unstable governments and civil wars.
2. Zimbabwe, Africa
GDP per capita $428
Most of all well known about Zimbabwe economy.Earlier these country is Good economy condition From past ten years they facing unstable governments and civil wars and corruption done in these country its impact to ranked second poorest country.Zimbabwe currencies Fall down least level they recently launched one trillion(14 zeros) Currency note it uses to buy one bread packet.
3. Liberia, Africa
GDP per capita $436
This Country is also Belongs to African continent country in West Africa bordered by Sierra Leone to its west is ranke top 3 poorest country with GDP of $436 per capita.
4. Niger, AfricaGDP per capita $478
This country is facing major problems like Corruption,Smuggling,and illiteracy .The compilation of Nigeria’s gross domestic product (GDP) is carried out using the three approaches namely, output, income and expenditure
Methods presently Niger GDP per capita is $478
5. Burundi, Africa
GDP per capita $745
A small landlocked nation in East Africa, Burundi has an area of 10,745 square miles (27,830 square kilometers), which is roughly the size of Massachusetts.Years of civil war combined with the nation’s limited resources have made Burundi one of the poorest countries in the world. Burundi relies heavily on foreign aid, and the vast majority of people are subsistence farmers.
6. Central African Republic, Africa
GDP per capita $780
This country have most Resources Like Gold mines,Agriculture and petroleum but corruption and civil wars and unstable corrupt governments are fall in poor.
7. Eritrea, Africa
GDP per capita $795
This country also located in Africa continent and poorest country rank in seventh position.
8. Sierra Leone, Africa
GDP per capita $848
Sierra Leone is Called Land of Diamonds. its amazing but its true,Sierra Leone is located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa and is bordered by Guinea and Liberia. The country is famous for its rich mineral resources, particularly raw diamonds.Sierra Leone’s population is approximately six million. The average life expectancy is 42 years, its very low one of the lowest life expectancy in the world.Poverty is endemic and around 75 per cent of the population live on less than $2 a day expect how they are living.

9. Malawi, Africa
GDP per capita $850
The country is famous for its mineral resources, diamonds,Agriculture sources but these country is far away from development with least living conditions
10. Togo, Africa
GDP per capita $895
This country in West Africa bordered by Ghana is ranked top 10 poor countries in the world
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