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Zee Leo

~Leo ! The K!ng~
Aug 1, 2008
On the fresh granary floor,
Near the beautiful lake shore ,
my being carelessly stroll.
gazing at the faraway sky,
watching the birds fly,
drowsed wid the aroma of flowers,
my senses tingle by scattered showers,,
I find myself drowning in the timeless hours.
under the shy sun beneath the lush green tree ,
I close my eye ,Setting my soul free,
Travelling beyond reality,on a romantic spree,
And there my loved one ! I see thee......
U stand there waiting to embrace me,
my heart skips a beat as I rush to thee,
arms wide open and a twinkle in the eye,
All hurdles widout fear i pass by,
i reach u , i try and touch u ,feel u ........
but in vain..............
Reality hits me hard as I feel the stabbing pain
push itself wid force in every open wound and vein
My fantasy flight comes to a sudden halt
As my dream rips apart wid a jolt
black clouds of destiny frown down
As helpless tears pour down
I wipe them off carelessly
drag my self from under the tree ruthlessly
and walk off from the lake shore
Ready to face the real life s hard core !



محمد شعیب ںاصر
Super Star
Jan 31, 2010
very nice superb poetry zee....

keeep sharing with us bro....

wah wah kya baat hai aap ki.... :)