Reasons for wearing the hijab

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Aug 24, 2008
Reasons For Wearing The Hijab
Because the Qur'an and Sunnah states so. Allah ordered us to wear the hijab and cover up to protect ourselves so we get the proper respect we deserve and not be treated like we are a piece of meat.

2. You can dye your hair any colour you want and no one can say anything at all, because its all hidden, you can have blue hair, or purple, or bright red, or neon pink or green, long or permed or short, or rainbow colors with sparkles and glitter, jewellery in your ears, and all over....

3. Children think you are a ninja, and you can say you are 'niqabi ninja' They will think of you as this heroine and will admire you.

4. People think it is your costume. Or at least some will think of it as a costume you are wearing for your party, or work, or that you were forced to wear it. and you have to explain to them no it is your CHOICE to wear it though in the Qur'an it says it will Protect you.

5. People think you might be bald, but then you have to tell them no, I have I don't have cancer. You can show to the little kids, see I have hair....

6. You get a lot of respect in the hijab from all your brothers and sisters and other people, than you did before your hijabi days

7. You can wear whatever you like under the abayah, light and cool dresses are good.

8. Despite that this world has hot weather, HELL IS HOTTER, so you rather suffer a bit on this world than the Hereafter.

9. Have you noticed that some people that are really maybe ignorant about Islam and women and Muslims that they speak extra loudly and clearly to you wherever you go. "Wwwoould yooooou llike ttthat in beeeeeelsooottes or ch change ma 'am?"
"I speak english clearly, change please."

10. No bad hair days to worry about!.

11. People know that you're a Muslim. You can distinguish yourself in this society.

12. Your hair isn't exposed all kinds of crappy pollution and UV rays.

13. Your hijabs smell nice cause they start smelling like your shampoo.

14. Only the people you want to see your awrah, will see it...not every wierdo walking on the street.

15. your skin is protected under the niqab

16. No bugs in your hair (no having to worry about catching nits from other people!)

17. you won't age prematuredly, since you don't wear makeup

18. you won't have to waste time in the morning deciding on the perfect outfit in the morning, if you wear jilbab.

19. because you know your beautiful and you can keep all that beauty to yourself.

20. No one dares to mess with a hijabi sis while taking a walk.

22. you will feel a closeness to every muhajabah you see on the road and to every muslim you ever encounter

23. The inner feeling of peace you get when you wear it

24. little girls or little boys look up to you, and want to be like you.

25. When guys see you, they respect you, they cross the street so they dont pass by you and offend you.

26. They see muslims as trustworthy people and give you discounts at stores, and restaurants, and esp if you are in hijab they give you like 5 or 10 dollars/pounds off what you buy.

27. because most pious brothers WON'T EVEN CONSIDER marriage with a non-hijabi (caution: your intention for wearing hijab should still be to observe the command of Allah)

28. If you ever get in trouble.. you can pretend like you dont know any English and either flip out on them in Arabic/Urdu/any other language or run away crying as if they offended you.

29. Because theres more freedom in deciding who gets to see you rather than having anyone look at you and your beauty.

30. People treat you for your mind not your body. In the sense that you succeed in things (ie. job because of your performance and intelligence and not because how short your mini skirt is.

31. Because Muslims are required to practice Islam in every aspect of ur life including everyone, not just nuns like in Christainity or only on saturday. for Jews, or only Sunday for Catholics all of whom cover on those days, I am told as a respect to God. Muslimahs should respect God at all times.

32. Beauty fades eventually, and with hijab people learn to love your inner beauty without the hindereness of your outer beauty.

33. Your husband and loved ones learn to appreciate your beauty both outside and in more, and these tend to be the most important people in your life of which you grace those special people with your gifts from Allah.

34. You are a shining example how women in Islam are sooooo highly respected and valued and powerful in islam. For example you are no mans torphy to adorn his hand, you are a companion, mother and friend of the insha'Allah religous brother who appreciates you and your beauty. There are other things where this applies as well.

35. Hijab is a source of confidence. Non-Muslims easily recognize you to be different and do not stare when you stand up for you Islamic rights and beliefs which are often considered strange in the western society.

36. It keeps you warm in the winter. You dont have to worry about trying to keep a hat on to stop your ears from freezing up! Plus the head is medically known for the place where a HIGH level of heat is released from the body!

37. Long Lasting. Hijab protects your hair for longer and keeps it shiny, healthy and in good condition.