Removing Dark Eye Circles At Home

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Dec 6, 2013
Before telling some home remedies for dark circles, you should try to live happy and should not take stress about things too much that they affect your health.
  • The first and the most commonly used home remedies for dark circles is putting slices of cucumber on your eyes which is very helpful for removing the dark circles to a great extent. Cucumber provides your skin a soothing touch which prevents skin from marks of dark circles. You can make juice of cucumber and use it around your eyes; the juice will do the same function.
  • Tomato is also useful as home remedies for dark circles. The paste of tomato is known as one of the effective remedies used for the removal of dark circles. Get two fresh tomatoes, one table spoon of lemon juice and add a pinch of gram flour and turmeric powder. Blend it nicely until it becomes a thick paste and apply it gently around your eyes so that the skin is not pulled or stretched.
  • Almond oil is very helpful in home remedies for dark circles and makes your skin glow. Gently apply the almond oil on the skin when you are off to sleep and when you wake up wash that part with cold water in the morning. Repeat this process for month or so and the dark circles will completely disappear.
  • Mint leaves are used for many purposes, and one of them is to get rid of the puffy eyes. Crush the mint leaves and apply it as home remedies for dark circles for 5 to 10 minutes. This will also sooth your skin and refreshes it. Then wipe it from the skin with cold and clean cloth.
  • One of the best and most effective home remedies for dark circles is the combined use of orange and glycerin. They also provide your skin with an inner glow and will make the skin around eyes smoother and softer than before.
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