Scary Stories....

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Oct 28, 2014

More true scary stories ... or incidents told by different people ...

I was staying in Makkah one summer and living in an apartment under King Fahd Mosque (we were studying with the imam of the masjid). We were sleeping with about 7 of us in one room. I was lying down staring at the celing with like my leg bent up and something came and shook me real hard. everybody was sleeping so i woke one of the dudes up and he was like just go and sleep in the other room. When i went into the other room everybody was sleeping too (3 ppl) but the light was flickering and the ceiling fan was shaking back and forth and it wasnt on (the blades werent spinning) so i was like wierd and went to sleep.. bout 5 minutes later the dude that told me to go to the other room came running in and said somthing had grabbed him and covered his mouth as he was lying down... and he couldnt breathe but some how managed to say "audhibillahi..." so we were freaked and PHONED the imam in the middle of the night and he came and slept in the ap that night. Also in the same apartment at night you could hear people runing and jumping in the mosque above in the middle of the night but no one was up there (we checked many times) and in one corner of the apt you could always hear sombody reciting Qur'an.. and it was the most beautiful recitation i ever heard (better than sudais and all the rest)..


There was a man who went to his village masjid to pray Fajr every morning. The masjid is on a dirt road, and the front door leads directly into the prayer area. One morning when he went to pray he find no one else there, so prayed by himself at the front of the room. While he was praying he undoubtedly felt a "presence" behind if there were people standing behing him. Furthermore, he felt as if there were bright a light shining behind him. After his prayer he quickly turned around to find that the room was empty, just as he entered it.
That same day he ran into a friend of his who was like "Hey, I saw that there was a huge turnout at Fajr today! I walked by the masjid and through the front door I could see rows and rows of men all dressed in white!"

Her dad was walking through some village in Pakistan late at night, and he saw a whirlwind (small tornado type thing) coming by. So he finds a rock, writes something on it in Arabic, and places it in the wind's path. When it went over it, a box of mitai was left. He was with a friend, and this guy was like O_O. He secretly took the rock, and put it in his pocket. The next time he saw a whirlwind, he did the same exact thing my great-grampa did...but instead of getting mitai, he was swept off the ground and landed 10 feet away. Confused, he went to my great gramps and tells him what happened. Turns out that the 'vaverola' who gave them the mitai was celebrating their daughter's wedding, and the one that beat him up was on his way to his son's funeral.

There's a masjid in Madina(or Makkah, notsure).....called Masjid-e-jin(i forget the name)...
what i heard is, this masjid is packed with jins(muslim jins)...but they appear as humans there.
i wanna go there....InshAllah

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