smart sardar...........hahaha

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Mar 19, 2008
An Indian lady (NRI) returned from

the US to India and is window-shopping in Delhi.

Suddenly she realizes she is late
for an appointment. She is not

wearing a watch so she sees a small
shop on the roadside and asks in a

very American accent of the
sardar owner "Wot's the tyme?"

The sardar is a very patriotic man
and hates desis / Indians who put

up a foreign accent.
He replies in the same
American accent,


Confused the lady asks again,
"No! No! Wot's the tyme?"

The sardar again answers back,
in the same accent, "Bra-panties."

Seeing the confusion between the two,
another sardar comes to the

rescue of the lady and says,
"O papaji, tusi samajh nahin paaye"
" Kudi puuch rahii hai,
kinna time hua!!"

The angry sardar shouts back at him,
"Abe paji, tow main bhi to oonoo

time hee Bata rahan hu
– barah payntis (12.35)