Sony Ericsson’s wrist phone

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Mar 19, 2008
Fresh from Sony’s designers, this classy watch phone will tell you who’s calling, when you’ve got texts or voice mail, and even if your phones fallen out of your pocket!
See, it’s not a wrist phone in the traditional sense, but a super smart extension of the handset’s screen. That means you won’t look a berk nattering into your forearm on the train, but it’ll show genuinely useful information at the touch of a button.
Calls are flagged up on the watch’s display, and with a subtle vibrating, so you can mute or divert them using the side mounted buttons.
It saves fumbling for your blower next time it starts ringing in your pocket, and means you won’t have to check it every time someone else takes a call with the same ringtone.
Built around technology from Fossill, it’s a clever accessory and at £200, one that really works. It’ll even let you flick through tracks on a music phone, so along with Bluetooth headphones means you’ll never need wires again.
Smartest of all is an out-of-range notification, telling you when the watch and phone are separated. It’s seriously handy, and means you’ll know immediately if your handset should accidentally leave your pocket or bag.