Stay slim and trim while relishing your food..


Oct 12, 2007
Drink plenty of water. In terms of a health benefit, water is second only to oxygen. Drinking two glasses of water before each meal helps in good digestion. It also makes it easier to eat less.

Make it a point to eat slowly, chewing more than what you normally do. This gives the feeling of satiety.

Try using a teaspoon instead of your fingers. This will also give you the feeling of fullness when you would have actually consumed less food.

Always opt for a fresh fruit for dessert. This will prevent the craving for desserts, which are high in sugar and starch.

Use fresh fruits in your desserts whenever possible. Substitute fresh fruit juice for syrup from canned fruits.

Drinking cucumber juice in between meals helps to curb appetite. The alkaline content of cucumber will relax the body and make you feel full.

Vegetable juices, clear soups and broth are low in calories. They should be taken regularly as healthy appetisers.

Blend paneer (cottage cheese) in a blender. Use it instead of sour cream as a base for your salad or for your dip.

Use skimmed milk in cooking and for drinking. You could have buttermilk instead of curds.

Keep your milk container in the refrigerator overnight. Skim off the fat that rises to the top and then use the milk.

Drinking black coffee or tea without milk or sugar curbs appetite.