Study Skills For Improving School Success

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Oct 9, 2013
Study skills may sound like term from long ago. However, at some point in time, most children have difficulty with a particular class or subject matter. Children with learning disabilities often have difficulty with two very important skills, multi-tasking and organization.


The following are some general skills and strategies that you can implement at home that will hopefully help your child experience more confidence and achieve school success. These study skills are generally geared towards older children (over age 8) but you should be able to adapt them to fit your child’s academic level and individual needs. Also, remember the importance of regularly communicating with your child's school and utilize the parents teacher conference.


Sit down with your child and talk about academic frustrations and current study skills. Really attempt to have an actual conversation. Ask them to come up with three academic goals for the semester or school year and together, write them down. These goals should be measurable and very specific. It’s best if they focus on habits that need to improve.

An example of measurable goals are: “I Will Get no More Detentions from Mrs. Baker”, or “I Will Turn in My English Vocabulary Assignments on Time.”

Post the goals in a visible place and schedule a time every month to preview your child’s progress. You may want to set up a weekly progress report with your child’s teacher(s) informing them of the areas that your child is working on. Or, maybe they are willing to email you each Friday to let you know if progress was made.

Although it’s fine to celebrate our children’s academic success, it’s best to NOT attach a direct reward like paying cash for A’s and B’s. Although tempting, this gives your child the message that only the actual grade is valued (at any cost) not the learning process itself. This can lead to cheating, plagiarism and other drastic measures. Also, your child should feel that they can make a mistake and learn from it rather than be “punished” by losing their reward.

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