Take a Breath of Fresh Air with the Oxyfit

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Nov 20, 2008
Take a Breath of Fresh Air with the Oxyfit
Mobile Oxygen Supply
Compact shape for extra comfort

Unless there is a fire, one can say that you can never have too much oxygen. This is the exact idea behind the lightweight Oxyfit oxygen supply. I am sure that anybody can find a good use for this portable kit. If exercising, if being tired at work or simply if you have regular, health-related breathing problems, the oxygen boost from the Oxyfit is going to provide that breath of fresh air you need so much.

Imagine how many more exercises you can do if you have an extra source of oxygen with you. It weighs only 1.5 kg so it can be applied in a multitude of situations; plus, the health benefits it provides are truly considerable. Whether you simply want to lose some weight, by using the Oxyfit, you will have more oxygen in your organism, thus accelerating your metabolism and getting rid of those extra few pounds.

Also, it is extremely useful in highly polluted environments where the quality of the air you breathe suffers. Experts have found that our atmosphere consists of 20% oxygen, so in this type of environment, every percent counts. You can keep yourselves healthy and work faster and better, thanks to the extra oxygen that reaches your brain.

It runs a Li-Ion battery that will keep the system functional for about 1.5 hours, can be charged from AC 100V inputs, because it is sold in Japan, comes with its own remote for ease of use while active and its very own oxygen tube.

On Japan Trend Shop, it costs $2,681 and if you buy a carrying bag from them (like the one shown in the picture), you can add an extra $285 to your breathing problems. Has even an aspirator and it comes with Japanese instructions only. One more use for the ladies, the guys selling it say that if the brain has the right amount of oxygen at all times, it will be stimulated into creating anti-aging chemicals.

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