Taurus nov 2011

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Mar 5, 2010
Finally you bulls feel as if you can breath and hide out in your stubborn ruts and not have to dress up for yet another special occasion. With the two day to day planets Mercury and Venus sliding into your eighth house of resources and projects, it’s time to put your special spin on something. Be on guard with any communication because you might get an email or text that is nasty–nice. Beware of passive aggressive people or of becoming passive aggressive yourself later this month.

The Sun in Scorpio and Full Moon in your sign align on opposite sides of the Earth November 10 to create a very strong connection indeed. Your once a year Full Moon offers you an opportunity to bring any matters that have to do with what you value, from your garden to your bank book, to a successful conclusion. This is one of your most creative times of 2011. And with motivator Mars driving his Ferrari into Virgo’s garage on Friday, the 12th, you will feel a real burst of enthusiasm, desire and razzle dazzle for the next six weeks.

It’s the halfway point of your cosmic year so look back on all of your accomplishments made since May. Reflect on triumphs but think about how you can help others work better with you. One of your bull traits is your stubbornness and your quick flashes of anger. With motivator Mars in your self–fulfillment zone, not only is this a time to make yourself feel good, but make your friends and loved ones lives a little smoother too.

November synopsis: Mars in Virgo is a very good thing for you bulls. You like hard work and if it’s something you enjoy as well, so be it! Plus romantically, November is one of your best months of the year to find love, a fling or finally have some sort of commitment from your partner. If you are in major discussions with a loved one, all serious discussion needs to stop Nov 23 when Mercury retrogrades.

November shiny days: 5, 15, 19 & 23

November dull days: 3, 14, 18 & 28

Friends: Virgos & Pisces

Frenemies: Sags & Librans .