Tea 'n' toast may spoil your day

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Jun 5, 2008
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A survey carried out by MyNutrition.co.uk has revealed that a diet high in wheat-based foods, such as toast and diary rich beverages like tea and coffee can cause health problems and ruin your day.

According to The Daily Mail , the survey of 30,000 adults through Web-based questionnaire showed that people who consumed large amounts of wheat, sugar or salt-based snacks, dairy products and caffeine often suffered from nagging side effects. About 44 per cent of those polled reported a range of health problems like low energy irregular bowel movements, high stress, bloating, and depression.

Six per cent of people, however, reported no health irritants from eating large amounts of wheat rich foods.

The survey also showed that people with the highest health scores consumed less sugar, refined foods, caffeinated drinks, less wheat, dairy products and salt, and preferred eating fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and water.

People with a high intake of dairy products said that they had weight problems, head-aches, and tiredness, which showed that wheat is linked to low motivation and low energy levels. Salty snacks was associated with indigestion, bad breath, and irritability while too much caffeine was linked to joint stiffness, loss of energy and loss of sex drive.