Test of Friendship

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TM Champ
Mar 19, 2008
Friends are pillars in life that help you go on and further. Sometimes it feels like the best days with friends will never end. In college or school we meet them everyday. In fact we look forward to meeting them everyday and that's what keeps us going.
For some it is very difficult to make friends because they are conservative and introverts. They would never take the first step of talking and hence take a very long time to talk to others. On the other hand we have jabbers who can talk all day therefore welcome more people to meet them hence forming bigger groups. Friendship gets deeper as we get older. To whom you can speak your heart out and to whom you have to be a bit conservative with words.
Friends are fun to be with but it is only in time of need that you will know who is a true friend and who is not. For instance someone got sick at your home and you need to call the doctor or get to the hospital at your earliest. In any case you call a friend to ask for help and he or she says she will be there as soon as she can. You know you have got a great friend. But if he or she says that her parents will not let her go out of the house so late or make some lame excuse you can understand the kind of friend you have.
But of course there are times when it is the truth they are lamenting so do not base your decision of friendship and judge a person over one circumstance. There will be a lot of incidents further that will naturally bring to you a confirmation of the friend you have. No doubt Shakespeare says, if you find a true friend then tie him with chains of steel. Meaning never let go of a true friend you find because they are a rare specie.