The Great African Dangerous Nile Crocodiles

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Apr 16, 2013
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The Great African Nile crocodiles are some of the most dangerous and the most powerful crocodiles in the world. May great stories about crocodiles attacking people have been there in many of the African villages and among the people who live on the nearby rivers and lakes infested by these great Nile river Crocodiles. Having been part of their natural habitat, the Nile crocodiles have always found of wild animals to attack and while many of the people using the Nile rivers and many of the African great lakes and rivers, there have always been cases of crocodile attacks which have been hitting the headlines with animal attacks and many of the crocodile attacks have not been or end up not being reported to to the luck of transport and communication of people and relying the crocodile attacks which take place.
While many people find these great Nile crocodiles as part of their main food, many African tribes would not hesitate to kill or attack a Nile crocodile when one of the members of the family or village falls prey of a Nile Crocodile attack. As far as the attacks are concerned, many of the Nile crocodile attacks take place when people are not aware while crossing the African lakes and rivers and with split seconds whose people whoa re not aware of the infested waters are prone to these attacks. As far as the local people, their strength has always been a building block in evading many of the crocodile attacks which could have been a cause of many of the death of these peaceful people living along the great beautiful lands of the African condiment.
When is the best time when these crocodiles attack is yet to be known as there is little research about the Nile crocodiles and when they are likely to attack people or animals. Despite a lot of information available about the Nile crocodiles and their attack, one thing is for sure and is truly known that when the great Serengeti natural animal migration starts, the time is surely right for the great Mara river Nile crocodiles are always ready to attack or pounce on every wildebeest or zebra they can crouch on while they try to cross the great rivers towards the Serengeti plains. This is just one of the greatest moments to see the great Nile crocodiles in action as they feed. The biggest crocodiles in the colony or the heard would tend to feed first as they chase the smallest crocodiles or the mother Nile crocodiles will always try to take the biggest chunk as they use the "role of death maneuver"

The African Nile crocodiles are already on the verge of being endangered. With little of their natural breading grounds being turned into farm lands and may of the rivers becoming dry to to matters related to global warming, deforestation and the extensive use of the river and lake wares due to the emerging industries within the vicinity which try ti feed the ever changing and growing economical needs of the modern society, little is left in terms of managing these great beautiful animals which used to roam freely among the African lakes and rivers. Despite the fact that there are a few crocodile farms available in may of the African countries, there is is still little being done in order to manage and helping in the conservation and the protection of the African Nile crocodiles.

Are we going to see more crocodile attacks in our modern communities now that we have good set ups of animal control conservation and protection. Well the situation is as grim as it could be for many of the places or natural habitat which are not yet accessible. While these animals attack here they are not expected while the attacks take place at random, the Nile crocodile is just one natural predator which needs all the respect it can be given.
There have been incidences such as the ones involving the biggest Nile crocodile Gustavo. This is just one of the biggest crocodile which was ever thought to be and its whereabouts are still unknown. With is comic movements of not being able to be captured or put down, the biggest Nile crocodile was as illusive as the great Tsavo Man eaters. While eating or attacking in the cover of darkness on the unsuspecting passersby the great Gustavo or the biggest Nile crocodile and one among the biggest crocodile in the world lived to its name and with is sheer size as may people who had had the chance to see the crocodile were just astonished to come across this great beast of the African Savannah.
While the Great African Nile crocodile is just one of the biggest crocodiles inthe world, The great Gustavo Nile crocodile was one of the biggest crocodiles which was ever being hunted, there were many other Nile crocodiles which were hunted for trophies. People from all walk of life came to Africa to hunt animals big and small. The animals ranged from the Africa's Big Five to reptiles such as the great African reptiles which included Snakes and crocodiles as well. Crocodiles were hunted down and pictures were taken for the greatest kill not just in Africa but the trend was cutting across all the great continents of the world. In Australia there are people who have been known to have hunted or killed the biggest salt water crocodiles or fresh water crocodiles as well. In Asia or India the story goes on with great crocodiles and alligators being hunted down as well.
For the moment there is hope for many of the African Nile crocodiles which would find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the development of nature conservation and the different animal protection bodies, there is a hope that many of the African Nile crocodile will end up being protected and their natural breeding grounds being protected as well.
The animal protection awareness through education information and communication has lead the animal rights being extend just as humans have rights as well. Despite that the animal protection and mechanism is still not in lace in many of the world communities where we have great animals such as the African crocodiles and other animals which are about to extinct or are almost declared as endangered, the animal rights and animal protection will pave the way in helping protect and conserve the Great Nile crocodiles which could have been wiped out in the African continent for their skin and for their food and worst of all because they are a menace due to their encroachment in human habitat which is in fact as a result of human encroachment in the Nile crocodiles natural habitat and breeding grounds.

As the scorching heat of the equator keeps on heating the land across the Savannah region, many of the great Nile river lakes which are sometimes seasonal tend to dry up. With drought or dry spells running for almost as far as five years, the Nile or African crocodiles are always left at the mercy of the prevailing weather conditions and the local communities to either transport them to different localities as they tend to fight for the same watering hole in search of water in these arid areas. While the rest of the four legged animals would travel to other long distant lands in search of water and greener pastures and animals of prey, the weak crocodiles, the old and the small crocodiles who are not strong enough to endure the prevailing dominant males in the watering holes or small rivers before they dry up are the animals which are most vulnerable in these adverse conditions. This is also the time when dangerous animals such as lions cheetahs, leopards the African dogs and the African hyenas find food in abundance at such watering holes as cores of animals would want to come to quench their thirst.

With few or less crocodile now being hunted as animals of trophies which included the African Big Five, this trend has no doubt seen the number of these dangerous Nile crocodiles see an increase. While the conflict between man and these beautiful Nile crocodiles will never cease so long as the population of both man and animal continues and fighting for human and animal territory keeps being in jeopardy, It will only be left for the civil society to help solve this conflict between the Nile crocodile though proper national animal rescue, animal protection and animal conservation while abiding to all Animal rights and Human rights as well.