The Importance Of Knowledge In Childrens

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Oct 9, 2013
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The Importance of mathematics Knowledge in Childrens :)

over 3,000 children in low-income households to determine if their preschool abilities with numbers affected their first-grade math scores.
"It's found that students who could recite and count to 20 in preschool had the highest math scores in first grade; however, less than 10 percent of the children in the study could count and recite to 20."


So, the top 10-or-so percentile from preschool were likely to be the top-performers in first grade.... That isn't a breakthrough. Numbers are processed in a region of the brain called the neocortex . And, while our brains continue to develop into adulthood, the mind of a six year old will not be dramaticaly different in developmental growth than their four year old self.

"Childrens school-entry ability to pay attention and stay on task is modestly predictive of later achievement, while early problem behavior and other dimensions of social and mental health issues are not at all correlated,” Duncan elaborates. “If school readiness is defined as having the skills and behaviors that best predict subsequent academic success, concrete numeracy and literacy skills are decidedly more important than socio-emotional behaviors.”

By the time children enter preschool, there are marked individual differences in their mathematical knowledge, as shown by their performance on standardized mathematics tests.
These early differences in mathematics knowledge are concerning for several reasons. First, levels of mathematics knowledge at the time of school entry have been shown to predict later school achievement

"low-income children aren’t learning math skills anywhere because parents think the children are learning them at school, and teachers think they’re learning them at home,” Manfra said. “This is a problem because it gives parents and teachers the idea that it’s not their responsibility to educate the children, when it’s everyone’s responsibility."

reciting numbers is not enough to prepare children for math success in elementary school. The research indicates that counting, which requires assigning numerical values to objects in chronological order, is more important for helping preschoolers acquire math skills.

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