The pain I see in you

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(v)i§§· ßµølï ßµð£ï¨
Mar 20, 2007
Toronto, Canada
The pain I see in you,
Fills me with such anguish.

And I long to comfort you,
But my touch seems to poison,
My words seem to tear your soul,
Even when those words are I love you.

I would trade my life and soul,
To return you to the state,
That you occupy in my heart.

Alas, for each step closer I take,
I find two between us.

Ensorceled into seeing lies as truth,
You look upon me and see not your love,
But your bondsman...oppressor,traitor,betrayer.

My touch holds no joy for you,
My breath no whisper of love.

But I am tied to you my love.

And no matter how long I uselessly love you,
I will long always for your return to me.