Thinking Often

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Zee Leo

~Leo ! The K!ng~
Aug 1, 2008
Thinking often
Deep Very very deep
Why are we upset!
Why don't we sleep!
Thinking often
Why do somebody smiles!
Why lots of people weep
Remove off the garbage
And lessen the heap

As the court Of justice
A crowd of people often struggle
For the prosperity and peace

Sins on head,Like a heavy burden
Few faces,stay behind the curtain
Often regretted and forbidden

Like water in lake,Stored and stained
Why can't they flow out and get refined!
Why sinners awarded,why good people fined!

Like thorns grown in the Desert
Poisonous like a snake,like a lizard
Furious like a caged tigress
Bittr and sour like curd

Few are blind,few are deaf
Few are harsh,few are rough
Struggling for properties
And often for dough

All The faces,Looking blank
Everyone attacks from back
All relationships
Actually are really fake

yesterday Was Golden
Today is a burden
Tomorrow will be a garden
If we try hard for it
If we desire to turn
The Hell into a Heaven