tips to bleach


Mar 15, 2007
squeeze lemon n cucumber n refrigerate it n use it daily
Homemad remedies take lot of time n u hav to be patient.

If the hair is too fine, then you can consider bleaching. You can apply bleach (go for a patch test before you try on your face), once in 15 days.

There is a recipe that can partially help in removing the facial hair when done frequently. Mix besan with few drops of fresh milk. Add a pinch of turmeric to this mix. Now apply this mix all over your face. When its semi-dry, rub the mix on your face in the opposite direction to your hair growth. This helps in removing facial hair though not fine hair.

however you may try a body scrub made at home if you desire natural and home-made remedy:\

3 tbsps besan(gram flour),1tbsp orange peel powder,1tsp turmeric and 3tbsps milk cream.mix all the ingredients well and apply to body.leave it on until semi-dry and then scrub in the opposite direction of hair

Mix lemon turmeric n oatmeal(jao ka atta) to make a thick paste n apply on ur face do atleast wo weeks u will get the results

The home bleach:
combine two tablespoons of milk powder, mix in a enough liquid hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste amke sure its not drippy. If your hair is very dark and coarse mix in a couple drops (like two) of liquid ammonia. This is considered to be the least harmful kind of bleach since the powder milk in the mixture moisturizes the skin while bleaching preventing skin burns and other reactions that comes from commercial bleaches.

Threading and waxing of the facial hair is done best at a beauty parlor. It is advised to get it done at a beauty parlor for the first time.