TM Chupay Rustam Awards 2011

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Mar 15, 2007
Assalam o Alykum TM

Sab se pehle to ap sab ko TM k 5th birthday bohat bohat mubarak ho.. Is birthday pay jahan baki sab koch plan kia gaya wahi TM Chupay Rustam k lie staff ne nominees select kie and un k darmiaan polling hoi jis may winners ko aj yahan awards die ja rahay hain..

waisay to bohat tough competition tha because 48 thousand members may se her category may 1 member ka name likhna asaan nai tha, phir b hamaray staff members ne bohat ghoor kar k votes die, ab time waste kie bagahir jaldi se awards distribute karte hain..

  • TM Urdu Fan Award Goes to:

  • TM Yaadgar Member Award Goes to:
Unique Style and Dream Girl

  • TM Sensitive Member Award Goes to:
Tooba Khan and Dreamy Boy

  • TM Helpful Member Award Goes to:

  • TM Naughty Member Award Goes to:
Bahaar and Sky Walker

  • TM Best New Comer Award Goes to:
New Wolf and Sara Chilli Milli

  • TM Mr Attitude Award Goes to:
Prince Farry

  • TM Miss Attitude Award Goes to:

TM Best Blog Starter Award Goes to:
Sabah and DON

  • TM (Fazool k) Bharam Baz Member Award Goes to:
Waqar Hussain{(haha})

  • TM Best Thread Of The Year Award Goes to:
Truth and Dare (Redrose64) and Cricket Mela (Zee-leo)

And Now TM Staff k lie koch awards arrange kie gayay hain ye Admins ne decide kar k die hain..

  • TM Supporter Award Goes to:
Yoursks and HANS MUKH

  • TM Designer Award Goes to:
One and Only the Great Atif Adi {(ok)}

  • TM Promoter Award Goes to:
Zee-Leo and Pari

2011 ka sab se precious award us male and female member ko dia ja raha ha jinho ne TM k lie ab tak bohatt mehnut ki ha and TM ko aj google k top pay lanay main in ka bohat bara sath ha

  • TM PRINCESS award goes to
Neelum Rani

  • TM PRINCE award goes to
Tariq Saeed

or choti se baat jo
specially aj k day k lie mind may rakhi hoi thi wo ye k

We don't know each other in Real Life and yet We all are like a family.
We share our Sorrows, Smiles and Tears.This Lovely, Colorful and Wonderful Vally Makes hours fly Away .Whenever We Land here,We Love to Stay here More and More
I would Like To Thank Everyone who helped Us Achieving this Goal.
It's Time to Celebrate The Achievements.

OK Now everyone, Close your eyes,

Make a Wish and Blooooooow!









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Nov 18, 2010
Many many congratulation
to all of u..........................