Tweezing Brows!!


Oct 12, 2007
Tweezing Brows
The most common way to give shape to your brows is to pluck them using threading or tweezing them with a good set of tweezers. Tweezers are of three types:
1.Tweezers with thin tips are great for getting a good hold on small fine ingrown hair to pluck them.
2.Tweezers with slanted tips give you more control and are good for novices.
3.Tweezers with square tips are quite useful when it comes to pluck off coarse thick hairs or more than one hair at a time.

tips to make tweezing easier for you
1.Always pluck your eyebrows before bedtime to allow the redness to disappear overnight.
2.Keep a hot washcloth over your face for some time before tweezing as it loosens up hair follicles and make plucking hairs easier and less painful.
3.Calculate the length and arch of the eyebrows as state in the 'Eyebrow Waxing' article.
4.Smoothen up brows with a little moisturizer as it helps hair to slide out more easily.
5.Brush up the brows to define the natural arch and draw the desired shape using a soft eye shadow pencil before you start plucking.
6.Tweeze under the brows first and pull hair in the direction of the growth.
7.Comb brows upwards with an eyelash comb and trim hairs extending beyond the natural brow bone.
8.After plucking your brows, it is often relaxing to soothe the area with cool and wet tea bags.

Eyebrow Waxing
1.Before waxing the brows, it is important to prepare them beforehand using a baby toothbrush to define their natural shape.
2.Apply astringent on the brow area to make it numb for sometime.
3.Calculate the length of the eyebrow you want by holding a ruler parallel to your nose, leveling it with the inner corner of the eye to see where you the brow should begin and mark the point with a dot using the brow pencil.
4.For people with close-set eyes, gap between the brows should be left wider while those whose eyes are far apart; the gap should be less for a balancing illusion.
5.To calculate the curve and mark the highest point of the brow arch, hold the ruler from the edge of the nostril past the outer edge of the iris up to the eyebrow and mark it with a dot too.
6.Link the dots in a gentle smooth arch that slightly tapers at the outer ends.
7.You will need a professional waxing kit that comes with a jar of hot wax which, a small spatula and muslin removal strips.
8.Warm the wax to an optimum temperature by keeping the jar in boiling water and then use the spatula to apply a thin layer of wax on the stray hairs under the eyebrow in the direction of the hair and remove it using the strips in the opposite direction of the hair growth as directed on the kit before the wax dries.
9.Never wax above the eyebrows.
10.For thick growth, it is better and less painful to wax off a little hair at the time.
11.Pluck any stray hair using a set of good tweezers and apply a soothing balm on the area.
12.Be careful enough to avoid direct sun light, acid based facial treatments, and liquid makeup for some hours at least.
13.Emphasize your brows using an eyebrow pencil or tinted brow shadow.

Beautiful Eyebrows
1.Spray a little hair spray on your brows and brush them using your toothbrush to keep them in place.
2.If you don't have time for tweezing, you can get the desired contour quickly by brushing them upwards and then snipping the longest hairs beyond the natural arch using a pair of tiny scissors.
3.Eyebrows slanting upwards make you look angry, so be careful not to take off too much at the outer corners.
4.Before tweezing your brows, you must prepare your skin by wiping the brow area with a cotton ball soaked in astringent. The cooling effect numbs the skin for sometime and thus, you do not feel much pain.
5.Hold the tweezers at 45 degrees and pluck the stray hairs below the brow line in the direction of the hair growth.
6.If your brows are sparse, use a freshly sharpened brow pencil to fill in the areas with light, quick strokes.
7.To get a natural and more defined look, you can brush your brows with a brow brush dipped in brow powder in upward and outward strokes.
8.It is important to use the correct shade for your brows. Fair women can use blonde shades while olive colored women should choose tawny or brown. Dark African-American women can use gray shades.
9.To add volume to your brows, use a stiff, slanted brush to apply eye shadow in short gentle strokes.
10.In case, you have over tweezed certain brow area, try to fill the patch using brow shadow, applying in the direction of the hair growth.
11.Eye shadow gives more natural look to your brows than an eyebrow pencil!
12.Brow shade should be about two shades lighter than hair color for olive or dark skinned women and two shades darker than hair color blondes or women with grey hair.