Universal Motion

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Apr 16, 2013
Pakistan.. karachi
Universal Motion

Around the hub, the galaxies turn
Pinwheels scrubbed, in magnetic urn
Gravity attracts, while motion glides
Equal force acts, to sustain the rides

The Milky Way, is towed along
Its center conveyed, by nature's song
The flux lines strum, as they pass by
A radio hum, an electrical sigh

And so it be, with our own sun
By magnetic sea, its field is spun
The axial spin, then thus does tow
It's satellites in an induction row

The best conductors turn fairly fast
While the resistors last with the past
Lines of force roll round the outside
Because the course is too dense inside

When the field of the planet is low
It tends to yield all turning flow
If more than one set of poles it has
It will turn yet, but less as lines pass