Why Boys Start Smoking???

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Sep 8, 2009
England-Deep Darkness
The only reason to contemplate
Why boys start smoking……….check this out

Beware of Love....
he was like this

he saw a gal she was like this...

but actually with out make-up she was like this but even then he liked her

he liked her so much he told a lot of lies to her example "u r soooo cute"

he promised her a lot..

he gave her a shock like this when she accepted his proposal

he gave her costly gifts on feb 14th.. like this...

he used to talk whole night and do this at office...

When ever he goes out with his gal friend , his friends used to give him this look

there he give them a pose like this

At last his gal friend gave the roses to him like this... and went away L

he did not know what to do ... so he started