Why Islamic Education From Childhood?

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Oct 9, 2013

Islam is very deeply concerned with the welfare of human society and the family is considered to be the cornerstone for building the right society.
Children should get Islamic education at an early age. In an effort to inculcate Islamic values, the teachings should be done at home as well as Islamic centers or Islamic schools. Islamic schools should create opportunities for Muslim children to get together to bond with each other as this would help in establishing confidence in an Islamic identity and get psychological support. When children meet other children who are Muslim, it enhances their confidence in being a Muslim and they feel more comfortable about their identity and they assert their Islamic identity in non-Muslim environment with more ease and comfort.
Apart from giving religious teachings to children at home, it is extremely important for parents to spend time with their children. The best role model is the parent's character along with the social support systems, such as Islamic centers, weekend or full time Islamic schools should be built in communities across the country.

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