Aug 2, 2007
Without You

Without YOU. I can do Do Nothing,
It's you on whom I depend;
You give me hope for my FUTURE,
With your promise of life with no end.

Your love daily sustainme,
All things I accoplish through you:
When the enemy tries to put doubts in mind,
You are here to imbue.

It doesn't matter what problems aries,
I know the answer with you;
I simply say, "Lord, give me patience,
And wisdom to know what to do.

Not every problem is solved as I wish,
But I trust, you know what is best;
So I simply move on and put it behind,
I don't let it cause me distress.

Without you, life has no meaning,
But with YOU I'll always succeed;
The bleesing you give me each day
Is much more than I'll ever need.

For your blessing I remeber you,
Five times in a day and night;
I know that your path is right,
And walking on this makes my FUTURE birght.
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