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Oct 14, 2008
Would you wear...Would you wear any garment with a cross emblazoned on it? Never! Why not? Simply because it is the sign of a particular creed and identifies the one who wears it as being part of the same group.

While the cross is a very obvious sign, there are many other signs which though less obvious are also signs of other cultures and creeds. These symbols have significance for its followers and they are respected and honoured just as the cross is honoured by the Christians.


Among these religious symbols is the symbol of Nike. Encyclopedia Britannica describes Nike in the following words: “Nike, in Greek religion, is the goddess of victory.” It also states that in Rome “she was worshipped from the earliest times. She came to be regarded as the protecting goddess of the state.” The Nike symbol, the swoosh, embodies the spirit of the winged goddess who inspired the most courageous of warriors.

Will a Muslim wear a garment with “Jesus” boldly inscribed across the front? What about Nike, the Greek “goddess” of victory? Will a Muslim wear a garment with a cross? What about the swoosh, which embodies the spirit of the Greek “winged goddess” ?


Considering the fact that Nike is the Greek goddess, it is not surprising that Nike Incorporated, the company that produces the garments with the Nike logo, twice insulted Allah Ta’ala. A logo resembling the name of Allah was put on shoes. This was later removed after severe objections. Similarly, a billboard was erected which depicted a basketball player with the headline: “They called him Allah”...Allah Forbid!!!