Wrinkles Around Lips- How to Remove

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Mar 15, 2007
Wrinkles Around Lips- How to Remove

Wrinkles around the lips can certainly be disturbing to the appearance. But there are steps you can take to help remove the wrinkles. Follow this advice and the results should be rewarding.

Lip Wrinkle Causes
1. Overexposure to UV rays from the sun
2. Any exposure to smoking, personal or 2nd hand
3. Constant pursing of the lips; from habit or from cinching a cigar or cigarette between the lips.
4. Increase in free radicals
5. Too little antioxidants in your diet and skin care
Steps- To Remove Lip Wrinkles
To neutralize the free radicals in the skin and body we need an constant incoming supply of antioxidants. As we get older the supply of antioxidants decrease. Therefore we need to take a supplement.
1. Avoid anything that increases free radicals.
For example, Smoking and excess sunbathing will promote free radicals profusely. If you want to age smoke and stay out in the sun all the time.
2. Your diet is probably keeping you alive or it could be killing you.
If you want to live a more enjoyable healthy life, eat your fruits and veggies. How many times do we hear that? Have we shut out common sense advice?
Fruits and vegetables have a rich supply of ACE or vitamins A,C and E. They have a lot of antioxidant power. Your plate should contain half vegetables at least.
Fish gives us essential fatty acids that help keep the skin moisture in. Protein is also in fish which helps produce new skin fibers and cells.
If you don't like fish, take a daily capsule or two of quality fish oil. It will help firm up the skin and its stucture. It will take awhile for results to appear but it you loyally consume fish or fish oil daily you will look and feel much better.
3. Ingredients That Work
Not all skin care products are equal. Some are a waste of money and could be harmful. Your skin care products should haved safe, effective and real natural ingredients.