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A contest, is an event in which two or more individuals or teams compete against each other.If you have any interest in contests so take a part in these contests and have fun !

Tafreeh New

Best place for Tafreeh, Mauj Masti, Shugal. Funny Pictures, Funny Riddles and full time tafreeh posts can be found in here.

Baat Cheet New

This is a great Place to Chill, Chit Chat and share everything you got. In other words this is the best platform to make new friends with more Tafreeh.

Poll Question

Create polls and vote on every imaginable topic..And seek tafreehmela's members opinions on various issues!

Greeting,Congrats and Sorrow

This board is dedicated to those who believes that Greetings Congras and Sorrow are way to express Feelings and Expressions. Come lets share our way of expression!

Show Us Your Work

Show Us Your Work, for example, an amazning picture taken by you, your photoshop work, flash any other software... anything that you have done show us here and get a review on it...(( no advertising of your forum ))


Find funny, informative and education media content here.

Kids Mela

Its All About Kids..!


Get and Post all Kind of urdu sms, english sms, funny sms, love sms, and much more