Zong 50 Paisa/call (8 Aanay) ANY NETWORK ANY TIME

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Jan 28, 2010
50 Paisa/call (8 Aanay)
People claim of simplicity and yet give you half the truth. Only ZONG gives you the full truth at half the price. Now make calls to any other mobile network for 8 aanay i.e. 50 paisas per call and you can change that number any time you want. You will have to pay 40 paisas extra for the first minute only.

So say it clear, say it loud, say it to anyone, and say it all!

To avail this offer please dial 907 from your ZONG number. This offer is available on 12 Aanay package only.

Addition/modification charges of Rs. 15 + tax apply
What are the call charges on 8 Aanay Offer?
Lowest off-net call rate of 50 paisas/30 seconds to mobile number of any network plus 40 paisa set-up charges on each call. All government taxes apply.
Is this call rate for all off-net numbers?
This offer is only limited to one off-net number at a time. This number can be changed at any time.
On which package plan is this offer valid for?
This offer is only valid for ZONG 12 Aanay subscribers
How do I activate this offer?
It can be activated by calling 907 and entering the desired number by following the directions of IVR
How often can I change the number I want to call at the reduced /offer rate?
The number can be changed at any time and as many times as the customer wishes.
Can I add ZONG, PTCL or international number for this offer?
No, only numbers of Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, and Instaphone can be added for this offer.
What are the charges for selecting the number?
PKR 15 + tax will be charged for each selection/modification of number
Can I de-activate the number?
No, the number once selected cannot be de-activated but it can be modified.
Are there any additional/hidden charges for this offer?
No, there are no additional or hidden charges except the ones elaborated above.
If I have balance of less than PKR 15, can I activate this offer?
You will not be able to add/modify the number if the balance is below PKR 15 + tax
What is the validity of this offer?
This is a limited time offer and company may decide at any time to end this offer. Company also has the right to suspend the offer in case of misuse.
Please note that all calls will be automatically disconnected after 59 minutes.
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