AFeb 4, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Kanan Malhotra, the actor who is making his debut in Bol

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Mar 20, 2007
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Feb 4, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Kanan Malhotra, the actor who is making his debut in Bollywood was nursing
a passion for acting since childhood. Active since early in school plays Kanan never missed a chance to perform, a professional tabla player, he has trained under the guidance of guru Salim Khan ji from Delhi. Realizing his passion to enter the glamour world Kanan did television commercials and has more than 25 ads to his credit; also he honed his acting skills in a regional language film. Now he is all set to mark his Bollywood entry with ‘Phaans - Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani’, in an interview he speaks about his experiences and more…

Tell us about the character you play in ‘Phaans - Ek Jasoos ki Kahani’?
This film is based on Indo-Pak relations and simultaneously there is a parallel track of a love story between me and Shieva. She has to go to Pakistan on a mission to get some secret information and to clear her father’s name. I help her in this mission. Since she is alone in a hostile country I accompany her and become her support. Otherwise my character in the film is of a software Engineer.

How did you get role in ‘Phaans - Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani’?
I have done many ads and commercials. One of my commercial for Sprite drink had become very popular. It was a spoof on Ranbir Kapoor’s Pepsi ad about Youngistan. Second ad with Shahrukh Khan of Airtel also had fetched me a lot of recognition. Producer Jawahar ji had met me and found me to be perfect for the character of Rohit. So here I am doing a spy film. But I enjoyed the experience. As a producer and co actor Jawahar ji was very supportive.

Besides ‘Phaans…’ which are your other projects?
‘Phaans- Ek Jasoos ki Kahani’ is releasing on 5th of February. My second Hindi film ‘Faraar’ is scheduled for release during March 2010. In ‘Faraar’, I will be seen on screen with Akbar Khan, Asif Shaikh and Shahbaz Khan. I have also finished shooting for a Malayalam film ‘Dinova’ with Afzal. I play the second lead. Sunny Joseph, a very well known cinematographer has shot the film.

So what pulled you towards acting?
I was always attracted to this profession. About three years back I also took acting classes with Kishore Namit Kapoor. It did refine my understanding of the industry, the camera angles, movements etc. however, actual acting experience is another high.

You are doing films in multiple languages. Is there any difference between different
language films as an actor?
As a newcomer I don’t have many choices. But as an actor whatever I got I have tried to give it my best shot. However, my Malayalam film is with the top actor of that language and my positioning in the film is very good. I am not averse to acting on television because nowadays all the big film stars are seen on this medium too. But television role has to be the central character and interesting.

How was experience of shooting for ‘Phaans - Ek Jasoos Ki Kahani’?
It was very good experience. All actors and technicians were very supportive. We did not face any problem while shooting for the film. My co-star Shieva helped me a lot to get comfortable with her. We had specially made sets to show Pakistan and even Wagha Border. It had literally become a tourist spot with locals.

Any special memories of the shoot?
Yes, there was a scene where I have to run through a jungle to cross the border and enter Pakistan to help my love interest in the film. It was a real forest full of thorns and spiky bushes. In the process my shirt was torn to shreds and I also got some nasty scratches on my body, but in the end scene went off very well.

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