News BB murder case: Musharraf didn’t provide adequate security, says Malik

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Mar 5, 2010
KARACHI: Interior Minister Rehman Malik announced in the Sindh Assembly that there would be a red notice issued through Interpol for the arrest of former President Pervez Musharraf and he would be brought back to Pakistan.

Malik was briefing the provincial assembly about the murder investigation of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

During the briefing Malik informed the MPA’s that former president
Pervez Musharraf denied Benazir Bhutto the promised security.

Before Benazir's arrival, Musharraf in the presence of Mark Segel told Benazir not to come back and threatened her to face consequences but
Benazir said she would decide about her homecoming plan herself.

The interior minister said 27 terrorist groups were involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

While detailing the investigations, the minister said there was a phone call regarding the incident in our notice and after a gap of 1 1/2 years the SIM was used again on the basis of which the culprit was arrested.

With the help of the arrested man, important details were disclosed including the information of the bombers’ stay at a particular seminary and about the execution of plan. From the planner to executioner, everyone was identified during the probe.

Malik added that there were multiple attempts on the life of the former prime minister and one of the attacks was planned by Khalid Shekih and his brother.

The minister hoped that the case would reach the logical conclusion soon.