Blood Pressure/Causes Of Heart Attack

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Jul 22, 2007
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Blood pressure and heart attack are separate entity to discuss about it. The blood pressure measurement is the most important test for identifying people who are at high risk of developing heart attack. So let us discuss about causes of hypertension or high blood pressure.

What is Blood Pressure?

  • Blood pressure is a measurement of internal resistance created by blood vessels. This is measured with the instrument Sphygmomanometer by doctors.
  • Nowadays there are lot of user friendly electronic instruments are available to measure from home or office itself.
  • High Blood Pressure Monitors helps patients to act in time.
  • Increase in blood pressure is known as High Blood Pressure or Hypertension and decrease is known as Hypo tension.
What is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension?

  • The upper reading of blood pressure is known as Systole and lower one is Diastole, measured in mm of Hg(mercury).
  • High Blood Pressure is classified in to Mild, Moderate and Severe types
  • Many Causes of High Blood Pressure can be modified.
Blood Pressure and Heart Attack

  • Blood pressure is the most significant tool to identify the people who are having high risk for heart attack.
  • The increase in blood pressure increases pressure(pressure overload) in the left side of heart(left ventricle).
  • Due to pressure overload size of the heart increases known as hypertrophy of left ventricle. With increased size of the heart it works for many years, the heart valve thickens and demand of the oxygen and nutrients increases.
  • The blood supply to the terminal area is decreased.
  • With decreased blood supply heart musclels(Myocardiam) struggles to pump the blood.
  • Results in chest pain.
  • This pathologic reactions results in to heart attack.
Hypertension increases the possibility of development of Arteriosclerosis. or Atherosclerosis
What is arteriosclerosis?

  • It is a process of deposition of fat substances in the major and minor blood vessels.Atheroscerosis of coronary arteries(blood vessel which supplies heart) reduces the size of lumen of blood vessel and thereby increases the incidence of Heart Attack.
High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Hypertension is usually associated with
  • Giddiness or Dizziness due to transient ischemia(blood loss) to brain
  • Head ache-usually occtpital(side part of fore head) area.
  • Palpitation
  • Fainting
  • Drowsiness
  • Bleeding from nose(epistaxis)
  • Restlessness
  • palpitation
  • Angina Pectoris(chest pain)
  • Breathlessness(dyspnea) due to heart failure
  • Haematuria(passing blood in the urine)
  • Blurring of vision due to changes in retina(portion of back side of eye where images are received. Due to increased blood pressure in blood vessels leads to "hypertensive Retinopathy")
First Aid
  • Patient should take rest. Patient may lie down or sit to return to the normal status because the symptoms of hypertension manifests in exertions like
  • Fear
  • Disturbed emotional status( Example: Being angry)
After rest patient should seek the physician for further medication.
Control the blood pressure and heart attack by taking proper treatment and very importantly reduce the causes of blood pressure.

  • High Blood pressure or Hypertension is a disease known as "Silent Killer".
  • Because majority of the people who are having High Blood Blood Pressure are not aware of the disease.
  • High Blood Pressure don't show any significant symptom in initial stages
  • Because increased blood pressure causes Heart Attacks, Kidney Failure,Hypertensive Retinopathies in the eyes and various vital organs of our body. So it wise to control the Blood Pressure and Heart Attack to live healthy life.
Causes of High Blood Pressure
Hypertension or high blood pressure is divided into two categories essential hypertension and secondary hypertension according to its etiology.

Essential Hypertension

In this condition the cause of increase in blood pressure is not known.

Strong family history and raise of blood pressure intermittently is suggestive of essential hypertension.
Age is an another factor influencing blood pressure. Blood pressure increases with age in both sex.

Secondary Hypertension


  • Increase in weight or become obese definitely increases the blood pressure.
Salt intake

  • Higher intake of salt(Nacl-sodium chloride)8 grams per day increases the blood pressure. So it is better to reduce the salt in your daily diet.
Fat intake

Non vegetarian foods like mutton, chicken,pork and beef are having saturated fat(saturated fatty acids).

This fat deposits in the peripheral blood vessels leads to atherosclerosis and thereby increased blood pressure. But vegetables are having unsaturated fatty acids which is beneficial to our body.

Alcohol and High Blood Pressure

As per studies alcohol is a cardio protective agent when it is taken minimal amount.

There are lot of research and arguments are going there between scientists and and doctors.
But God only knows the optimum quantity
But high intake of alcohol increases systolic(reading of upper limit) blood pressure than diastolic. Complete abstinence of alcohol intake reduces the blood pressure.

Physical activity

  • Physical activity burns our excess body cholesterol and weight and thereby blood pressure drops.
Environmental factors
  • Mental stress also an important factor for increased blood pressure and heart attack. People who are angry and tensed mental condition are having increased secretion of nor adrenaline leads to high blood pressure.
Other conditions

Oral contraceptives

Temperature Vibration.