Cash-fun and fight


TM Star
Jun 3, 2007
The making of Cash was a very joyful experience for the movie’s actors. But the production of the movie created a rift between its two producers.

The movie, directed by Anubhav Sinha , boasts of a colorful cast comprising of Ajay Devgan , Sunil Shetty , Zayed Khan , Ritesh Deshmukh , Esha Deol , Dia Mirza and Shamita Shetty .

For the movie’s actors, fun and work went hand-in-hand while shooting the film in South Africa. It was Ajay Devgan, Zayed Khan and director Anubhav Sinha, who pulled pranks on everybody on the sets.

Ajay and Zayed found a prank shop that had various prank items. The two stars bought a number of items, one of which was a mock iPod that gave out mild electric shock to its user when switched on.

The first target of Ajay and Zayed’s prank was Shamita. Ajay told her that he had downloaded a new song from the film into the iPod and gave the gadget to her. When Shamita took the iPod and switched it on, she literally got the shock of her life.

The next target was director Anubhav Sinha, who, too, was shocked beyond his wits when he switched on the gadget.

But Anubhav was not to take the prank lying down. He decided to get even with Ajay. One day, Sinha found a foam brick that looked exactly like a real, heavy brick. Sinha took the brick to shooting and after one shot hurled it with full force at Ajay. Ajay thought it was a real brick and ducked with fear and shock.

Recalling the shooting experience in South Africa, Sinha says it was a party. And he prides over the fact that the team completed the shooting in just 51 days on an outdoor shoot.

However, while the actors were having fun, things were far from hunky dory between the two producers Sohail Maklai and Anish Ranjan. There was fallout between the two over some financial issues after which Sohail was dropped from the project and his name removed from the movie’s credits.

In response, Sohail slapped a lawsuit against the film’s presenters ADLABS, demanding recognition in the film’s credits. Sohail had an upper hand because the movie’s title ‘Cash’ was registered in the name of his company Essem Entertainment.

Even though a makeshift compromise was reached between the producers, the movie did not get clearance in time to release before its scheduled date in the last week of July. The release date then had to be postponed to August 3.

‘Cash’ is the story of a bunch of thieves who pull off a daring heist involving priceless diamonds.