for shine in the hair

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Mar 15, 2007
well yes diet iz a major thing wen it comes to skin hair n nails etc.
1: yes,du take go0d care ov ur diet.
2: oil ur hair on regular basis.
3: donot apply alo0t ov shampo0 no matter how goo0d u find de brand to be [btw,wich shampo0 r u uzing?]
4 u can ave multi-vitamins meant fer hair esp. refer to a skin specialist.

Its d ro0ts dat shud b strong az dey ave de properties ov ur hair from color to its lo0k.so0,
Apply de following oil to ur hair:
massage well on ur scalp,towel steam 2-3 times [take a towel,dip it in either hot-water,or put de wet towel in microwave]
n wrap it around ur head [so de pores open n absorb as much oil dey want]leave it fer about an hour if day time or over nyte if u want to.
shampo0 vid a small amount once n den again vd a small quantity. apply a conditioner on hair NOT SCALP plz n den rinse thoroughly. if u wana uze a leave-on conditioner [hair serum] LIVON or ST.IVES swis formula [recommended]
towel steam once a week.

take equal quantities ov oils,mix n store in a bottle.
a. Olive oil [zaito0n ka tail]
b. Sarsoun
c. almond [badaam]
d. castor oil [double de quantity ov castor oil if its VERY damaged hair]

try n u wil feel de diference in first wash!

For shining hair
Mix one egg in a bowl and apply it on your hair with Amla/Seeka kai oil, and wash ur hairs in half an hour.. do that once in a week or as u wish.. u will see a big change !

*applying Egg on ur hair makes a stinking smell, to remove that smell, add one or a half lemon juice in the beaten egg before applying it on your hair.

Best of luck !!